8 Week Small Business Course

REDEC/RRC will conducting a 8 Week Small Business Curse for the Spring of 2016. Classes begin Wednesday, March 30th and will be held on Wednesday evenings from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM in the REDEC/RRC offices.  The instructor for the course is SUNY Distinguished Professor James Grillo. 

Topics to be covered include: Essentials of Entrepreneurship/Business Forms; Product/Service and Market Analysis/Strategy; Major Competitors and Location Selection; Pricing For Profit; Insurance and Financing/Startup Costs and Financial Statements; Promotion, Advertising, Marketing Strategies and Techniques; and Human Resource Management.  Participants will have a full written business plan at the conclusion of the course.

The cost to register is $50 and registration forms are available in the REDEC/RRC offices.

According to Karen from Seneca Retreat:

"in 2015, my two tweens and I took the Business Development Program through REDEC/RRC. Our impressive teacher, Professor Jim Grillo, taught our class of sixteen aspiring entrepreneurs with great zest.  Every week, the information shared was applicable and thought provoking.  Interacting with entrepreneurs in the class was an exciting way to share your business ideas for growth and quality.

Since the class, I have written a business plan to promote tourism economic growth in Schuyler County, my son has written two business plans, and my daughter has written one.  My husband is a private business owner in Schuyler County and we appreciate the education and excitement that REDEC/RRC has offered our two future business entrepreneurs and its potential economic impact on Schuyler County.

Thank you Diane!"